Application Process

What do I need in order to be approved?

The minimum requirement to open an account is 100 live trades. If you do not have a sufficient trade history, you can substitute the requirement using a simulated trading account. Approval is also based on individual Annual Net Income and Liquid Net Worth. If you wish to trade more complex securities additional qualifications may be required.

How to submit documents for my application?

Logging in to Client Portal and uploading the requested documents is the most efficient method, allowing for fastest processing and approval time. Alternatively, you can send the documents directly to our clearing firm via email at [email protected] or fax (312) 984-1017. Be sure to indicate your account number with submission.

I left my application. Can I log back in or do I need to start over?

You can select Login > Finish your Application to re-enter the application. If you do not remember the username/password, give us a call. Incomplete applications remain in the system for 45 days.

Where do I find the confirmation number?

A confirmation number is sent in cases of identity verification. It is sent via email to the email address on file. Please note that AOL, Gmail and Yahoo filters tend to delay email receipt. Be sure to check junk/spam folders.

I opened the wrong account type. Can I change it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change account types. You will need to begin a new application.

What do I put if I do not have a Tax ID number?

In cases which you are responsible for taxes on the account, place your Social Security number for the Tax ID number.

Why am I getting a message that says my "Social Security number is invalid"?

Be sure to enter only the numbers and without hyphens.

What is the difference between a cash account and a margin account?

In a cash account, you are only able to trade with the funds you deposit. In a margin account, you are able to leverage funds in order to make additional purchases.

What is the quickest way to fund my account?

Wire transfers initiated from your bank are the quickest way to fund your account. Wire transfers are credited immediately upon arrival; however, it may take time for your bank to submit the wire. ACH initiated by us is the second quickest method for deposit and is free. ACH requests received by 2:00 PM EST will be credited to your account after 4 business days under normal circumstances.

Does Zacks Trade accept physical stock certificates for deposit?

No. Zacks Trade does not accept physical stock certificates.

I submitted my application and any requested documents. When will I be approved?

Approval typically takes 24-48 business hours. However, certain account conditions may take longer. We will continue to follow-up with you through approval and until the account is funded.