Margin Rates Starting at 8.58%

If you like to trade on margin, Zacks Trade can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. That means you’ll have more money to invest, and the more you use Zacks Trade, the more you’ll save over time.

Zacks Trade offers margin privileges to most accounts and limited margin trading privileges in IRAs. Securities in the account are subject to various maintenance requirements. Margin involves risks and is not suitable for all investors. New clients can sign up for margin privileges during the application process. Existing clients can add margin privileges in Account Management at any time.

Zacks Trade Margin Rates (USD) Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Balance up to $100k up to $1M up to $50M > $50M
Rate charged1 8.58% 8.08% 7.83% 7.58%

For a full list of commissions, disclosures, subscriptions and fees, please view our Pricing Guide.

Portfolio Margin

Zacks Trade also offers portfolio margin accounts. Clients are able, in certain cases, to increase their leverage beyond Reg T margin requirements, under SEC-approved portfolio margin rules and using our real-time margin system. With Portfolio Margin, margin requirements are determined using a “risk-based” pricing model that calculates the largest potential loss of all positions in a product class or group across a range of underlying prices and volatilities. Portfolio Margin compliance is updated by Zacks Trade throughout the day, based on the real-time price of the equity positions in the Portfolio Margin account. An account must have at least 110,000 USD (or USD equivalent) in Net Liquidation Value to be eligible for a Portfolio Margin account. Portfolio Margin involves risks such as increased leverage, a shorter time limit for meeting a margin deficiency, uncertainty of future market deficiencies along with the normal risks of associated with margin account. Please click here for our Portfolio Margin Disclosure.

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1 The tiers which interest is based upon may change from time to time without prior notification to customers. Such adjustments are done periodically to adjust for changes in currency rates. Zacks Trade uses a blended rate based on the tiers above. For example, for a margin balance over 1,000,000 USD, the first 100,000 is charged at the Tier I rate, the next 900,000 at the Tier II rate, etc.