Zacks Trade Pro

Our flagship trading platform with a robust collection of tools. Zacks Trade Pro has all the functionality you’ll ever need, with a customizable interface allowing for one or many user defined views.

Best For:
Active, high-volume traders, options, news, and technical research and analysis tools.


Client Portal

All Zacks Trade customers have access to their own Client Portal.  This console allows for the placement and management of simple trades, access to account documents and balances, and the management of account settings, subscriptions and permissions.

Best For:
Single access point for placement/management of trades, statement review, and adjustment of account settings.


Zacks Trade app

Mobility doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. The Zacks Trade app lets you enter and manage orders, view executions, monitor your portfolio and account balances, and much more, all from your mobile device. Trade stocks, options, and other securities on the go.

Best for:
Traders on the go.

All the benefits of the Client Portal, accessible anywhere from your phone or tablet.

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