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At Zacks Trade, we offer access to powerful trading platforms, robust research collections, and knowledgeable support staff to take your trading goals to the next level. Go it alone with the power of Zacks Trade Pro, keep trades easy in the Client Portal, or trade on the move with the Zacks Trade app. Plus, get access to complimentary broker-assisted trades when you need an extra hand. Whatever your trading style, Zacks Trade has your back.

Margin rates start at 8.83%.1 Trades from $1.

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Robust research

Get access to more than 20 free research subscriptions and 80 premium trials to help you find opportunities in the market.

Awards and reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Read 3rd party reviews to learn why our clients trade with us.2

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Powerful trading tools

Get a feature-rich workstation to optimize your trading speed and efficiency with Zacks Trade Pro.

Versatile trading options

Enter orders, monitor your account and more from your phone or tablet.

Zacks Trade Pro offers pre-defined algos including Arrival Price, Percentage of Volume Strategy, Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP), and Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

Offers options probability without the complicated mathematics. Fully adjust based on your forecasts.

Imports baskets of stock orders and executes them quickly within Zacks Trade Pro.

Quickly and easily rebalance your entire portfolio based on your investment goals and risk tolerances.

Screen stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds and more based on parameters you specify.

Create and manage complex option orders with ease. Smoothly close or reverse any spread positions.

Enter your price or volatility forecast for an underlying stock and view a list of potentially profitable strategies.

A comprehensive toolkit of volatility tools providing a snapshot of past and future readings.

Get to know a better broker. Get to know Zacks Trade.

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1Zacks Trade's margin rate starts at 8.83% compared to Charles Schwab (rate starting at 13.575%), E*Trade (rate starting at 14.2%), Fidelity (rate starting at 13.575%), TD Ameritrade (rate starting at 14.75%) and Vanguard (rate starting at 13.75%). Zacks Trade commissions for stocks start at $0.01 per share with a $1.00 minimum. Competitor margin rates obtained from published websites as of 7/27/2023 are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Some of the brokers may reduce margin interest rates depending on account activity or margin debit balances. Comparisons do not include competitor discounts or promotions.

2 Testimonials appearing on this site are not considered paid testimonials and are actual client submissions based on individual experiences or clients who have used our products and/or services. However, individual results vary and are not necessarily representative of all those who will use our products and or/services. Past experiences are in no way guarantees for future results. The testimonials displayed are edited only for clarity and length. Zacks Trade is not responsible for any of the opinions or comments posted to our site. Zacks Trade has paid a small fee to be included for consideration by third-party reviewers.