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It all sounds great: competitive pricing, powerful platforms, actionable research, exceptional customer support... but is it too good to be true? See what 3rd party financial sites are saying and learn why our clients trade with us!*

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Awards and reviews greatly impact buying decisions: vehicles, technology, clothes, etc. See what leading industry review sites say about us in comparison to other major brokerage firms.

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“Zacks Trade showed great value especially for active traders, international investors, and anyone who wants to actively trade on their IRA account.”

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“The Zacks Trade online discount brokerage offers clients a broad range of financial assets to trade and invest in, as well as access to many of the most active global exchanges. Zacks Trade has considerable resources for active traders and investors, including excellent research and trading platforms.”

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“Zacks Trade offers penny-a-share trades, a robust trading platform and, unlike most brokers, doesn’t charge extra for broker-assisted trades.”

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“Zacks Trade gives active traders a solid brokerage experience with a number of tools favored by experienced investors. You’ll get access to a wide variety of investment research to inform your decision making, and shouldn’t have any trouble finding the account type you’re looking for.”

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Traders deserve value. That formula at Zacks Trade equals low rates, innovative trading tools and support from live, licensed reps. Don’t just take our word for it!

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