Get to know Zacks Trade

Secondary Heading

Who we are

Zacks Trade is an online trading brokerage founded in 2013. We believe that active traders deserve a better broker, with tools and resources abundantly available for their use. With Zacks Trade, you get access to powerful trading tools, low margin rates, our live customer service team, a variety of investment research publications, and more.

At Zacks Trade, we’ve always been partial to independent thinkers. It takes courage to question conventional wisdom, especially when your financial freedom is the risk. We’re committed to providing traders with the cutting-edge tools, research, and customer support they need to make the most of their brokerage firm.

We’ve championed self-directed investors since 1978, when our founder, Len Zacks, published a highly influential paper which first documented his innovative investment approach: analyzing earnings estimate revisions to predict stock movements.

Zacks Trade retains our founder’s independent spirit and rigorous, analytical approach in every aspect of our business. Zacks Trade was designed with active traders in mind, as a platform where your biggest ideas get executed your way.

What we can do

  • Provide access to three different user portals so you can trade your way, any time or place.
  • Process live, complimentary broker-assisted trades for transactions you need an extra hand to execute.
  • Offer a complex trading tool that gives active traders the power to manage intricate and specialized trades.

What we cannot do

  • Provide advice on what to trade, when to trade, or how to trade.
  • Provide financial or tax advice of any kind.
  • Create and distribute any trading algorithms, strategies, or any other market directions.

Get to know a better broker. Get to know Zacks Trade.