Secure Login System

What is the Secure Login System?

The Secure Login System is an extra layer of security. Aside from your username and password, you are required to enter randomly selected codes from a security device. Therefore, if someone else has access to your username/password, the person would be unable to log in as he or she would not possess the security device.

Where can I request a security device?

You can request a security device by logging into Account Management and selecting Manage Account > Security > Secure Login System > Security Device or by downloading our app on Android and App stores called HandyKey. Visit our How-to page for instructions on how to activate your account through the HandyKey app.

Where can I request to remove the Secure Login System?

You may not fully dis-enroll from the SLS system. If you have an activated permanent device, you can request a partial SLS opt out which would not require use of the codes to log in to the platforms. To request a partial opt out, log in to Account Management and select Manage Account > Security > Secure Login System > SLS opt out. Continue with the prompt to confirm the request.

What is the secure login device?

A security device can either be a physical card mailed to you or your smartphone with the downloaded HandyKey app.

My temporary secure login card has expired. What do I do now?

Give our Customer Service team a call. For security purposes, we can only release login information over the phone once your identity has been verified. The security team will provide you with a temporary token that lasts 48 hours. Within those 48 hours, log in to Account Management and request a new temporary code card. Once the temporary code card has been activated, be sure to follow the prompts to request a permanent code card.