Account Information

Where do I reset/change my password?

If you would like to change your password, please log in to Account Management and select the Manage Account tab. Click Security > Change Password and follow the instructions. If you do not know your password, give us a call at 888.979.2257. For security purposes, we can only release login information over the phone once your identity has been verified.

I know my username and password are correct, because I saved it. Why does the login say "Invalid username/password"?

One of the security features of Account Management is to block stored usernames and/or passwords. The system does not want others with access to your computer to be able to log in automatically. Remove the username and/or password, refresh your page, and enter the login credentials manually. You can also remove your auto-complete settings within your browser.

Can I link accounts?

Yes. As long as the account names, details and permissions match, you may link the accounts via Account Management. You will also need a security device on your account. To link accounts, you can go to Manage Account > Add or Link Accounts > Link Existing Account. Visit our How-To page for further instructions.

What is Trading Authorization?

Trading Authorization provides a non-account holder with rights to trade and inquire on an account using individual login credentials. You can add an authorized trader by logging into Account Management and going to Manage Account > Access Rights > Users. Please note that the Authorized Trader does not have ownership rights. Visit our How-To page for instructions.

Can I identify and/or edit a beneficiary for a Non-IRA?

Yes. You may indicate an entity or individual via Account Management under Manage Account > Account Information > Transfer on Death. Visit the How-To page for instructions.

Can I edit a beneficiary for an IRA?

Yes. You can change your IRA beneficiary by logging into Account Management and going to Manage Account > Account Information > Transfer on Death. You can click on the edit link next to the beneficiary section. Visit our How-To page for instructions.

Where can I change FIFO to LIFO?

FIFO is set by default. You may change tax lot association by entire account or specific securities. Visit Account Management and select Reports > Tax > Tax Optimizer. Visit our How-To page for instructions.

Where do I go to close my account?

Please contact our Client Support team and we will be able to assist you with closing your account.

Where do I edit Account Information?

To change address, phone numbers, or email address, log in to Account Management. Select Manage Account > Account Information > Details > Profile. Select Modify and follow the prompts.

Why are there several login destinations?

ZacksTrader is a web based platform with a simpler interface for basic order types. ZacksTrade TWS is a fully-featured and customizable platform for sophisticated analytics. Account Management is an encrypted site used for back-end operations: changing account settings or information, generating reports, funding your account, etc. ZacksTrade TWS allows direct access to Account Management by selecting Account > Account Management.

Why is my account closed?

Accounts close due to inactivity after 90 days of not being funded. You may request to re-open the account in Account Management by selecting Manage Account > Settings > Reopen Account.

I opened the wrong account type. Can I change it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change account types. You will need to begin a new application.