Zacks Trade offers you access to exclusive research platforms, including data from Zacks Investment Research (Zacks). Zacks provides independent equity research, is not affiliated with any money manager and has no product quotas to meet. All you get is pure, quantitative data and the tools you need to put it to work...your way.

Zacks’ proprietary research is founded on Len Zacks’ study of the extent to which earnings estimate revisions influence stock prices. Zacks is recognized for its ability to process information from roughly 3,000+ analysts at more than 150 brokerage firms, and compile it to construct a variety of tools designed to help you with your investment decision making process.

Zacks Rank

Many investors start their stock search with the private Zacks Rank, which analyzes a universe of 4,400 stocks. When a company’s earnings estimates are revised upwards, its stock price tends to follow. The converse also tends to be true. The Zacks Rank alerts investors to the direction and magnitude of these movements.

Zacks Style Scores

Designed to complement the Zacks Rank, these scores help you find the Growth, Value and Momentum stocks with the highest Rank. You can also find stocks with the highest ranks across the board with the VGM Score. It’s a combination of the individual Style Scores, but is not just an arithmetical average – it’s a calibrated weighting of each individual Style Score.

Industry Ranks

The Zacks Industry Rank sorts companies into more than 250 industry groups. Zacks then calculates the average Zacks Rank for all of the stocks in the industry.

Equity Research Reports

These reports feature in-depth analysis on more than 1,000 of the most widely followed stocks. Each one provides the stock’s Zacks Rank, Style Score, Industry Rank and other key metrics.

Premium Screener

Choose from more than 45 strategically predefined screens. Select the ones that show you the Zacks Rank stocks that best match your personal interests and trading style.

Focus List for Longer-Term Investors

The Focus List is a portfolio of 50 stocks accompanied by a comprehensive Equity Research Report that details why these securities are more long term holdings.

Mutual Fund and ETF Ranks

You’ll also have access to Zacks’ highly respected research for mutual funds and ETFs. The Zacks ranking system covers nearly 19,000 mutual funds, and unlike most fund-rating systems, isn’t just focused on past performance.

Zacks ETF Rank not only takes into account asset class forecasts, but also looks at several ETF-specific factors to give you a comprehensive account of a fund’s investment potential. Based on a one-year outlook, the Zacks ETF Rank evaluates a variety of funds across asset classes, including equities, commodities, fixed income and currency.

Exclusive Research: One More Way
Zacks Gives You Value Beyond Low Trading Costs

Independent data and evaluation tools from Zacks Investment Research and other research providers are just one more example of how Zacks Trade helps you pursue success your own way. You’ll find many more examples on our Top Reasons page.