On: January 29, 2019 In: Handy Trader, Most Common, Trading Platforms

Overview of Handy Trader

This tutorial will provide an overview of the Handy Trader platform.

The Account Section in Handy Trader will show your balance information. You can view your net liquidation value under the Balances tab including your cash in the account. The Margin section will show your margin requirements. The funds section will show your available funds including your buying power in the account. Finally, the market value tab will show you the total value of cash and positions in the account.

The Portfolio section will show the position as well as cash that you own in your account including the number of shares of the position, the last price, today’s change, and your daily P&L.

The news section will list all of the relevant news in regards to the positions that you own in your account from a variety of different sources.

The Watchlist section is where you can watch various products that you own or do not own in your account. You can create multiple watchlists by clicking New List to create another watchlist. By default, there are stocks prepopulated there that you can remove or you can add new products to your watchlist.

The Orders & Trades section shows you current orders for the day under the Orders Tab and your completed trades for the day under the Trade Tab.

The More section will highlight a variety of features within Handy Trader. The Order Ticket is where you can go to place trades. The Order Wheel lets you interact quickly with order prices and sizes, setting a new standard in speed and precision for placing “split spread” and limit orders from your mobile device. The Option Exercise tool allows you to exercise any outstanding option positions. IBot allows you to type to get a quote or trade.

The Monitor has a scanner where you can scan pre-defined constraints or create your own customer screeners. The Notifications area shows you any automated messages. With Alerts, you can create custom alerts. The Account section has a Configuration area where you can set preferences with the app. The help section takes you to our website, and the Trading Login area is where you can log in with your password to allow trading access.

Thank you very much for being a Zacks Trade client. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful.