On: August 10, 2018 In: Most Common, Trading Platforms, ZacksTrader

The following instructions are dedicated to the ZacksTrader platform.

Complete the following steps:

1. Select the desired product type tab in the Order Management panel.

2. Enter the symbol for an asset you wish to trade. Select Enter on your keyboard or GO beside the symbol. Then, select the product type.

You are going to be presented with the order preset defaults which is to buy 100 shares as a limit order. You may change this later. You will see your current position, if you have one. It will give you the National Best Bid and Offer prices.

3. Select Buy or Sell.

4. Define the quantity.

5. Select your order type. If required according to the order type, enter a price.

6. Select a Time in Force.

The Fill outside RTH checkbox allows your order to be filled outside Regular Trading Hours and will only be available for appropriate order types.

7. Review your order instructions and then select Preview Order.

8. The Order Preview screen will show your order instructions, Amount/Commission and Total, as well as Margin Impact. If all information is correct, select Submit to have the order become active.

If you receive alerts with “Do not display this message again”, you may review the notification and select to continue as the message is not a restriction.

9. You will then see the order appear under Orders.

Under the status column, you will be able to review the current state of the order. If you do not see an active order under Orders, be sure to check Trades for filed orders. On the Orders tab, you can select between All, Live, Cancelled, or Completed Orders.