On: July 22, 2016 In: Funding & Transfers, Withdrawals

Only available for US currency withdrawals by customers with an US mailing address.

Complete the following steps:

1. Log in to Account Management and click Transfer & Pay > Transfer Funds.

2. In the Transaction Type list, select Withdrawal.

3. In the Currency list, select the currency of your withdrawal.

4. In the Method list, select Check.

5. In the Bank Information section, do one of the following:
– Select Yes if you have previously saved bank information and you would like to use if for this withdrawal.
– Select No to create and save new bank information for this withdrawal. If you do not have any saved bank information, No will be preselected for you.

7. In the Transaction Information section, type the amount of your withdrawal in the Amount field.

8. In the Recurring Transaction section, decide if you want to save this withdrawal as a recurring transaction.
     – If you would like to save this transaction as a recurring transaction, select Yes, then complete all the fields and selections in that section, including a name for the recurring transaction, the frequency of recurrence (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually), and a Start Date. If you want the deposit notification to recur indefinitely (no end date), select Yes. Otherwise, select No and then enter and End Date.
     – If you do not want to save this transaction as a recurring transaction, select No.

9. Click Continue to submit your withdrawal request.

Check requests approved by 09:30 ET will be mailed sometime during the next business day. Arrival is dependent on the mail and credit is dependent on your bank.