I just opened an account. Why can I not log in?

Platforms are not accessible until the account is funded. You can log in to Account Management to fund your account.

Are quotes real-time, streaming, snapshot, or delayed?

The platform is set to stream not snapshot, therefore no refresh button is needed. By default quotes are delayed 15 minutes. Your trade executions, balances and portfolio are based on the real time prices. We do have optional charges for market data. If you are a non-professional there is a $10 monthly charge for access to most US exchanges. This is waived when you make 20 trades per month or trade 6,000 shares per month.

What is the difference between ZacksTrader and ZacksTrade Pro?

ZacksTrader is a simple web-based platform. ZacksTrade Pro is an advanced and customizable platform with direct access to Account Management.

Why is nothing happening when clicking "Zacks Research"?

Zacks Research opens a new window for funded accounts to access the free subscription(s) on the account. Be sure to identify your default browser and turn off the pop-up blocker.

Why am I receiving the message "security not found"?

Your trading permissions must first be activated. You may have been approved for the securities you selected during the application process, now you just need to activate them. This only occurs in the initial setup. In the future, you will not need to go through this process. Once completed, the activation is immediate unless you are adding security types you did not select during the application.

Can I trade IPOs?

We are able to trade stocks, once it is publicly traded. The only way someone can purchase an IPO at the IPO price is if they are affiliated with the underwriter.

Can I trade Pre-market and/or After-market?

Yes. You would just need to place a check mark for Fill outside RTH (Regular Trading Hours). Note: Only trigger orders may be entered to fill outside RTH. Ie, Limit or Stop Limit orders.

Do you offer a mobile app?

Yes. For phones and tablets, the app is called Handy Trader. Supported devices are IOS, BlackBerry, and Android.