Where can I download Handy Trader or Tablet Trader?

For iOS and Android supported devices you can download either platform through the application stores. Simply, search for Handy Trader (smartphones) or Tablet Trader (tablets) and install the application.

Can I send an alert to an email address, rather than as a text to my device?

Yes. From the Text Message page of the alert, enter the email address where you would like the alert sent. This address will be used going forward for all alerts unless it is deleted or changed. If you do not enter an email address, your alert will be sent as a text to your mobile device.

What types of orders, durations, and products can I trade with on Handy Trader?

The current version of Handy Trader supports the following: Order Types: Limit, Market, Relative, Stop, Trailing Stop, Stop Limit
Times in Force: Day, Good Till Cancelled (GTC), Outside Regular Trader Hours (outside RTH)
Products: Stocks, ETFs, Options and Warrants

Why isn’t Handy Trader working when I am connected to a Wi-Fi network?

You may be behind a corporate firewall. Please open port 4000 for unproxied TCP/IP communication from your device.